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We, 3C Trading Company take pleasure to introduce ourselves as HVACR and General Order Supplier, Services and Maintenance providers in Pakistan. 3C Trading Company is an independent service oriented company, catering for all needs of installation, repair and maintenance of all type of domestic / commercial / industrial Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning equipment and supply of General Items Orders.
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If your business is to keep things perfectly and timely supplied 3C is your element.

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Your Complete industrial partner, why complicated your business, when you can get all you need from one supplier.

HVACR System & Accessories

The term HVACR and Appliance Controls covers any device used to adjust temperature and climate control or to control other appliances such as gas stoves. This also covers thermostats, which range from the old sensor style to newer smart thermostats that may be equipped with timers to adjust temperature through the day and night. For all your HVACR and Appliance Control needs.